Tuju Tuju

Tuju Tuju
Dr Eddy, Dr Suzana, Luthya dan Vanessa have arrived in Kampung Parit Polong to investigate and solve the mystery of the curse that has befallen the village. The curse is causing and making one by one of the villagers kill themselves by suicide. They suspect that it is the curse by an old bomoh (shaman) who was wrongly accused by the villagers in the past, and they must find out how to break the curse. However, Suzana also has a reason to be there for her younger sibling was kidnapped and lost in the village years ago. Directed by Javerd Nizar, this movie is a joint Malaysian-Indonesian collaboration.
Rating P13
Language Malay
Director Javerd Nizar
Actors Vanessa Angel, Luthasury, Wan Raja, Adeline T
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