London Sweeties

London Sweeties
Pron is a young girl currently doing her internship. She has a weird habit of saying things backward and she also has a crush on a supervisor named Pop. When her sister Pen suddenly wants to get married to her foreign boyfriend in England, Pron finds herself having to make a trip to London. As she is not proficient in English, she is encouraged to take a basic English course. It is here that she meets a Thai mechanic, Bo, who sold his house to travel to London for his girlfriend; young Thai man Jude, who wants to visit London to find himself a girl and ends up falling in love with English girl Katie; and French teen Antoine, who is determined to hit on Pron despite not being able to speak English. 

Rating P13
Language Thai
Director Kaiguan Team
Actors Maylada Susri, Kidakarn Chatkawmanee, Sireepo
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