Gautham, Chinnathambi, and Singh, each frustrated with the problems in their respective lives, go to a bar to have a drink. There they meet MSD, another fellow frustrated man, and Philips, a thief who drinks a lot. The five of them then get thrown into a little scuffle with Pistol Raj, a self-made gangster who runs illegal activities in the city, and his gang. After leaving the bar, the five men decide to celebrate New Year's Eve together at a resort but when they reach it, they find the place fully booked by a medical college team for their party. The men stay on, however, as Gautham has fallen for one of the women there and convinces his friends to stay back and join the party. The next morning, they wake up to discover zombies attacking the place. They must find a way to escape even though the gates are closed. Fortunately for them, Pistol Raj comes to the rescue.
Rating P13
Language Tamil
Director Bhuvan Nullan
Actors Yogi Babu, Yashika Aanand, Manobala, Gopi
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