Sing 2

Sing 2
Years after the singing competition, Buster Moon`s shows have turned into an unqualified success. However, the others are facing troubles. Rosita still hasn`t chosen a record label to sign with. Mike is a family man and has quit jazz to become a singer. Ash, still not used to life without her boyfriend, does performances at an old restaurant. Johnny has become a famous singer but he is finding it hard to persuade a record label to help him with his career. Meena, now part of a choir, has difficulties earning the trust of her newfound friend. But when a gang of lowlifes tear down the whole town, Buster has to reunite the gang, look for new contestants and even sing a tune or two himself.
Rating P13
Language English
Director Will Gluck
Actors Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Scarl
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