Article 20

  • Comedy / Drama

Article 20 is a clause in China`s Criminal Law which permits an individual to take action to prevent harm to themselves or others without facing punishment. However, it has rarely been used successfully. Wang is on trial for murdering the man who raped his deaf-mute wife. On the other hand, prosecutor Han Ming`s teenage son`s future is jeopardised when he injures the school bully while protecting a fellow student. Since the bully`s father is the Dean, Han tells his son to apologise but his wife insists that their son did no wrong.

  • Language : Mandarin
  • Subtitle : English
  • Directed : Zhang Yimou
  • Cast by : Lei Jiayin, Li Ma, Zanilia Zhao, Gao Ye, Liu Yaowen
  • Running Time : 141 minutes
  • Release Date : Thursday 04 Apr 2024

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